About us

Starneer - Centre for Innovation and Technology

Starneer is a company whose major goal is to promote New Technologies, Solutions and Innovation that change the functioning of People, Public Organizations and Commercial Enterprises, moving them to a higher Level of Development. We find unique technologies, we look for their applications and implement them for operation through the distribution of selected products and solutions to Entities and Individuals who need these technologies or innovations the most.

Our mission is to dominate the Modern Technologies market in Poland in such a wide range as is necessary to take advantage of the Synergistic Effects, derived from a combination of different kinds of the latest Technologies, Innovations and Solutions from around the world, to Improve Added Value and the Performance of the solutions and products we deliver to our Customers. Simply put, we want to deliver the most efficient and comprehensive solutions that exist in the market for all our customers.

At the same time, we continue to follow the latest scientific achievements in the world, combining passion with work.

Monitoring of latest technology