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Our offer includes drones for recreational and professional use; when selecting models to be included in our offer, we look for the most recommended and effective drones in the world. We guarantee satisfaction with the products we offer. We also have accessories for drones, e.g. control devices, batteries, flight controllers, spare parts, etc. All products and components are original parts imported directly from the manufacturer.

Drones in our offer



toys are great entertainment for boys, both small and big. Those flying babies are fitted with super-cool technology to give joy to everyone and everywhere.



i.e. remote-controlled six-rotor drones; they can be a great hobby or can be used fully professionally to complement your company's film offer.



the units available in our offer are primarily intended for professional use. All you need to do is complete a ready-to-fly set and the appropriate camera to enjoy the views and make videos.

What are drones

Drones are unmanned remotely operated multi-rotor units capable of staying aloft from a dozen to several dozen minutes.

Most models have a very good quality camera and allow streaming live images from the eye of the drone (the camera). The great advantage of these devices is their ability of taking off and landing vertically, as opposed to aircraft that need to accelerate on a flat surface to reach a speed that will allow them to take off. Quadrocopters are four-rotor drones, generally used for recreation and to learn how to fly or shoot films from the air.

Whereas hexa- and octocopters are used more professionally, thanks to more motors which gives them stability, agility, comfort of flight and makes it easier to fly in severe weather conditions. In the event of failure of one of the many motors, the drone will still be able to fly and land safely. Motors in drones are mounted on opposite sides, making control of the copter easy. Newer models have the autopilot feature, so we can easily control the camera without worrying about the copter's flight path.

Applications of Drones

Anyone can use a drone, all it takes is a little imagination.

Some use drones for recreational races; others to watch their own large estate, e.g. farm, which would otherwise be hard to get around, and uneconomical to drive around; others use them to have a good time or out of passion for flying in various places, enjoying the views. Amateur filmmakers and professional studios use drones to record difficult shots from hard to reach places, for example from great heights. Security companies or Border Guard also use drones to monitor the area.

Soon, no courier will be knocking your door, instead replaced by a drone with your parcel. Recording an athlete who is in constant motion during a downhill slope ride becomes much easier with the use of drones. There are many ways to use these innovative devices and drones will definitely find use in most areas.

  • Filming
  • Monitoring
  • Building Security
  • Recreation
  • Sports
  • Transport of Shipments
  • Agriculture
  • Geodesy

Flying Drone for Dummies

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    Controlling drones
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    First launch
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    Warranty and service
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    Live image from the Drone

A drone can usually be controlled by a control device - joystick. More advanced drones may be controlled by a computer or smartphone. Newer models of drones are fitted with an autopilot, which uses designated points through which it flies. Some drones also have cruise control flying in a straight line or interacting with the autopilot. There is also a feature that involves circling around static or dynamic objects.

Most drones are ready to take off right after removing from the box. There are also models that need to be assembled. Assembling a cheap drone is a very simple process, mainly based on installing arms, propellers, motors, cables, battery, the camera grip, the camera, etc. The drones we offer are calibrated platforms with ready-made presets, so you do not have to agonize over configuration. Just switch on and enjoy the wonderful flight of excellent quality.

The warranty depends on the manufacturer. As a rule, ready-to-fly drones are covered by a 2-years warranty, while assembly drones have a separate warranty on parts. Very often you can find a one-year warranty on the Gimbal, half-year warranty on the battery and a one-year or two-years warranty on the motor and the main body. Sometimes this time is also replaceable with e.g. 200 hours of use. We recommend that you check the warranty on the products.

The most common way of viewing live image from a drone is to display it on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It is very convenient and does not require additional costs, because most mobile devices are able to receive such a picture and show it live. This is usually done by connecting the control apparatus to our device or via Wi-Fi. But there are also interesting options for watching the views from your drone, e.g. with electronic goggles or large displays/projectors. This technology is developed such that it allows us to receive an image on virtually any device.

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