Our offer

Our offer includes both photovoltaic panels manufactured in Poland by Polish manufacturers and the most efficient panels or other components of photovoltaic systems produced worldwide. We are constantly looking for new technologies and introducing them to our offer. In addition to photovoltaic panels, we also supply other components of photovoltaic systems such as inverters, power controllers, batteries, assembly components. We always choose the best, most cost-effective solutions tailored to the capabilities and budget of the Customer.

Our offer includes:

Domestic Photovoltaic microplants - less than 40 kW

Photovoltaic systems are systems for the production of electricity from solar radiation. Photovoltaic microgenerators are built of suitably connected photovoltaic panels and additional components such as inverters, batteries.

As part of installation for your home, we offer systems with:

  • Monocrystalline, polycrystalline photovoltaic panels,
  • Photovoltaic roof tiles,
  • Flexible photovoltaic panels.

Types of installation:

  • Installations connected to the grid (on-grid)
  • Autonomous installations with energy storage systems (off-grid).

Commercial photovoltaic power plants - more than 40 kW

We make ready-to-use solar power plants consisting of high-quality photovoltaic modules. We carry out both roof-mounted investments and free-standing photovoltaic power plants.

We provide our services comprehensively:

  • we prepare the land/roof for the investment,
  • we supply and install the structure,
  • we supply and install the photovoltaic panels,
  • we supply wiring for devices,
  • we supply and install inverters,
  • we supply and install the main electrical cabinets,
  • we carry out the start-up and perform as-built measurements.

For a pricing of a system tailored to the needs of your company or institution, please contact our advisor.

Components of photovoltaic power plants - photovoltaic panels, inverters, batteries

Our company is involved in the distribution and sale of components for the construction of photovoltaic systems. Our products are high-quality components manufactured both in Poland, in the EU, and all over the world. They also have all the required certificates and approvals.

Feel free to contact us and get familiar with our offer.

Typical household

The average family living in a house uses about 4000 - 5000 kWh of electricity per year. That amount of energy is produced on average by a 4 kW photovoltaic installation.

Why us?

  • The Customer always comes first,
  • Constant monitoring of technology and access to the latest and most effective solutions available on the market,
  • comprehensive offer - we deal with the construction of photovoltaic systems, ranging from examining the needs, project design, preparation of grant applications, to the installation and launching the system. In addition, we provide comprehensive solutions to make your house a smart passive home - one which generates surplus energy,
  • we assemble photovoltaic installations all over Poland, while our operations and distribution is carried out throughout the Globe.

The benefits of a Photovoltaic System

  • 1
    Producing surplus electricity you can sell to the power plant
  • 2
    Investment in photovoltaic panels will pay off after an average of 7 years
  • 3
    You can get up to 40% subsidy, attractive terms of Financing
  • 4
    You become a producer of Clean Energy
  • 5
    You protect our planet, providing a better future for your children

The process of building a solar microplant

1. Free economic analysis

At the beginning of the construction of each installation, we will meet with you to conduct a free analysis of the economic viability of constructing a photovoltaic system in your case. Do you want to find out how much you can save on solar power and how long you will have to wait for the investment to repay? Send us a query with additional information:

  • attach copies of invoices for electricity for the last 6 months,
  • f you pay a lot for gas or heating, please send us the copies of invoices for heating (gas) for the last 12 months,
  • send us the plan/dimensions + pictures of your roof, surroundings.

On the basis of the information sent, we will make an analysis of the profitability of the construction of a solar power plant especially for you.

2. An effective photovoltaic system starts with a good design

After the economic analysis, the next step to build an effective photovoltaic installation is to prepare a good design based on your needs and the financial capabilities of the system's users. Such a design should also take into account any external factors, such as the setting of the panels relative to the compass, the angle of inclination, any obstructions such as other buildings, protruding chimneys, windows and even the shadow cast by nearby trees. A well-prepared design makes your Photovoltaic System work more efficiently and more economically. A good design of a Photovoltaic System is also one of the necessary elements for a grant for the construction.

3. Application for grant - Prosumer Programt

The Prosumer program involves subsidizing the purchase and installation of new plants and microsystems for renewable energy sources to produce electricity or heat for residential single-family or multi-family homes.

The main objectives of the Prosumer program for funding domestic photovoltaic systems are:

  • 1. Subsidies for up to 40% of eligible costs of PV installations (in the period 2014-2015 or until a pool of 100 million PLN runs out),
  • 2. Subsidies up to 30% of eligible costs of photovoltaic system (period 2016-2020),
  • 3. Low interest loan (1% per annum) for a period of 15 years (credit for 100% of eligible costs),
  • 4. Eligible cost for an on-grid photovoltaic system is PLN 7 000 per kW installed for a system of up to 5 kW; PLN 6 000 for a system of more than 5 - 40 kW,
  • 5. In the case of photovoltaic systems with batteries, the maximum eligible cost increases by PLN 5 000 per kWh of battery capacity,
  • 6. The maximum level of eligible costs of purchase and installation of the plant is PLN 100.000 for residential buildings owned by individuals, PLN 300.000 in the case of residential buildings managed by a community or cooperative housing,
  • 7. Subsidies for photovoltaic systems include households, communities and housing cooperatives,
  • 8. Local Government Units may receive subsidies without a bank,

4. Installation of Solar Panels

Our company is also involved in complex installation of photovoltaic systems; we have experienced installation teams that assemble photovoltaic facilities throughout Poland.

5. First start

After completing the assembly, we carry out the first launch of your Photovoltaic System. During the first run we also carry out measurements to see if the system is connected and configured correctly.

6. Savings - Profit on the System

From the moment you first start the system, you immediately start making money. The profit you achieve, the financial benefits associated with electricity production grow with the increasing size of the installation. In most cases, the investment in photovoltaic systems returns after 7-8 years of use.

7. Warranty and service

Our panels are covered by long-term warranties of up to 25 years without performance loss. In order to obtain the highest efficiency of panels, it is recommended to perform inspections and maintenance once a year.

Subsidies for solar energy

Everyone interested in obtaining a 40% subsidy for the purchase and installation of power plants, please contact our customer service department to prepare a grant application and fill in the paperwork.

Free valuation of the system

Send us your electricity bills for the last half a year - based on that, we will make a free-of-charge economic analysis of the construction of photovoltaic microplant. To receive a pricing for a system tailored to your needs, please contact our advisor.