Our offer

We distribute a wide range of robots for various applications - both professional, domestic, educational and hobbies. We are also promoting and supporting robotics through a constant search for new technological solutions and implementation in our offer.

Robots in our offer:

Robots for professional use

  • Public-utility robots,
  • Exploration robots,
  • Industrial robots,
  • Construction robots,
  • Medical robots,
  • Lab robots,
  • Police, military, and rescue robots,
  • Educational robots.

Robots for personal, household use

  • Utility robots,
  • Windows washing robots,
  • Vacuuming robots,
  • Floor washing robots,
  • Lawn mowing robots.

Recreational robots - toys, educational

  • Toy robots,
  • Educational robots,
  • Educational sets.

What is Robotics?

This branch of science deals with the design and construction of robots. Production of robots requires a comprehensive knowledge of electrical, mechanical, industrial engineering, computer science, economics and mathematics..

Applications of Robotics:

  • 1
    Increased speed, accuracy, production reliability - ultimately reducing the cost of mass production
  • 2
    Significant increase in the safety of work carried out by people in high-risk industries - police robots, rescue robots, units dealing with hazardous substances
  • 3
    Make human life easier - cleaning robots, lawn mowing robots, etc.
  • 4
    Increased precision of the work performed by people - medical, lab robots
  • 5
    New methods of entertainment and learning, children learning new technologies from an early age - educational robots, toy robots

Why us?

  • We provide the highest level of service,
  • Before we offer any solutions, we first conduct detailed consultations with each of our clients to accurately identify their needs,
  • We constantly explore the market, the latest scientific research, introducing the latest solutions to our offer,
  • We carry out custom projects,
  • We operate throughout the world - we can send the ordered products in its every corner,
  • Comprehensive offer.