Wind power plants

Our offer

Our offer includes varied wind turbines that produce electricity.
We have both vertical and horizontal wind turbines.

Our offer includes:

  • wind microturbine with less power which are well-suited as a power supply for single/multi-family homes and rural households,
  • wind turbines of medium power for professional use in companies, public buildings,
  • wind turbines of higher capacity for professional use to build the so-called wind power plants,
  • hybrid wind turbines – which combine many elements in the field of renewable energy, often in one product - i.e. street lighting.

All you need to know about wind power plants

What is a wind power plant?

The wind power plant, also called a wind farm is a set of wind-powered generators used to obtain electricity. The resulting energy can be stored in special batteries. Wind turbines may consist of one generator, but can also be infinitely large. The wind turbines are quiet and do not bring any harm; in fact, they are environmentally friendly due to their use of renewable energy i.e. the wind; thanks to such generators, we do not need to use the energy whose generation releases carbon dioxide in thermal power plants and reduce the demand for nuclear power plants.

How does a wind power plant work?

Modern technology can work with non-uniform weather conditions. Most of the wind turbines already start at a wind speed greater than 4 m/s, and are able to safely operate up to 25m/s; of course, this is general information and each unit has its own limitations and parameters. Some turbines are able to adjust the direction from which they draw energy from the wind; should the wind speed be too high, they know when to rotate so as not to generate too much energy, which would damage the generator, or they simply disconnect the generator itself. The process of generating electricity is very simple. When the wind hits the blades, the fan begins to spin so that the electric generator moves and we get electrical power.

Are wind power plants profitable?

To make sure whether it is worthwhile to invest in wind power plants, the selected location should be subject to investigation as to the frequency of wind, its strength and direction. If the results are satisfactory, our specialists will find you the best set to bring you the greatest benefit in the form of electricity.

Noise level

One of the most widespread stereotypes about wind turbines is that they generate noise. Of course, wind turbines generate some noise, but it is often equivalent to the noise generated by the trees rustling in the wind, the background noise, or the noise of the wind itself. As a rule, plants with vertical axis of rotation are quieter than power plants with a horizontal axis of rotation.

Why us?

  • the Customer always comes first,
  • constant help in ordering additional/replacement components for devices,
  • comprehensive offer - we provide sets complete with all the necessary components and advise to choose the best offer by presenting all the advantages and disadvantages of each product. We offer long-lasting products and accessories useful with respect to usage and maintenance of the generator,
  • we offer help with taming the equipment.

The advantages of wind power plants

  • 1
    Renewable, infinite source of energy
  • 2
    Environmental protection
  • 3
    The only cost involves the purchase of equipment to generate electricity
  • 4
    Wind turbines cause no disturbance and do not make noise
  • 5
    The ability to generate electricity in places where the power grid does not reach

Domestic wind turbines

We offer small wind turbines designed for individual customers and small businesses. This type of power plant can be installed directly in the vicinity of households or businesses. Therefore, they are designed so as to be easy to use and not a nuisance for users. Due to the simplicity of installation and their cost, small models of wind power plants of up to 5kW are usually mounted on masts with stay cables. For larger plants, free-standing structures are commonly used.